Since 2007, our company manufactured, sold and installed over 450 inside-coated (lined) manifold lines.

Lining is done with a special polymer, providing total protection against corrosion and abrasion avoiding costly spills and shutdowns.

Specific already existing designs can be easily reengineered in order to make lining process possible.

There are generally two types of manifolds:

Oil gathering manifolds – concentrating oil wells to parks
Water injection manifolds – used for injecting the water resulted from crude oil separation

Below are two diagrams of such manifolds.

The design is done by our team of design engineers using high performance CAD software (SolidWorks®).

Manufacturing is done using welding tables, orbital welding machines, CNC machine tools and high quality stainless steel or Nedox® coated valves (choke valves, ball valves, disk-check valves).

Each stage of the manufacturing process is monitored by a thorough quality inspection.

The polymer layer is usually 3 mm thick; this does not reduce the flow, due to the lower friction coefficient of the fluid against the polymer.

When the original design requires an amount of corrosion allowance, this can be replaced by the polymer layer, while keeping the same internal diameter of the piping system.

Fluid temperatures up to 50 °C. The use of other polymers make possible higher fluid temperatures.

The polymer has a good resistance to the chemical compounds of crude oil.